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Stories of Faith

Colin Rowling


My Christian faith has been a journey which I am still on. Although I was brought up in a Christian home I did not have a living faith until I was baptised and confirmed in my 30s at the church in Wandsworth, St. Michael and All Angels Southfields.

A series of events and experiences led me to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in York Minster when I was ‘slain in the Spirit ‘on its hard flagstones!

It is through accepting Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour that my life has taken on a new and joyful direction enabling me to put my complete faith in Jesus. No sin is beyond our Saviours forgiveness and I believe my life is in His hands.

I implore anyone who has not taken the personal step of inviting Christ into their lives as THEIR personal Saviour to do so without delay, and never underestimate the Power of Prayer.

Colin Rowling Story (pdf)
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