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Safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults within our care is of paramount importance to us. (If you are in immediate danger dial 999 and ask for the police).

This includes all endeavours to protect them from any form of physical, sexual or emotional harm. We have a Parish Safeguarding Policy that all our volunteers should read and adhere to. Regular training is given to all those involved in our work.

Should you have any concerns, please contact:

Parish Safeguarding Officer Liz Goodwill - Tel 01723 512745

The Diocese of York has a rigorous policy and professional help and advice is available from :


Diocesan Safeguarding team.

Julie O’Hara - Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor and

Rob Marshall - Assistant Safeguarding Advisor 

Both be contacted on 01904 699524 during office hours or email

In an emergency:

If there is a concern that a child or vulnerable adult is in immediate danger of harm:
Please contact the police or social services and then keep us informed via The Parish Office and or contact The Diocese of York 




Please click on the image to download our Safeguarding Policy.


Domestic Abuse:

Are you experiencing domestic abuse? You are not alone, and you can find help quickly. If you are in immediate danger dial 999 and ask for the police.

Domestic abuse is not limited by age, gender or background. Whoever you are, wherever you've come from, services are ready to help anyone at risk. Reach out for support click here  #YouAreNotAlone or Victim Support 


Historic Abuse

If you need to report any issue from the past that you feel has not been addressed, please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Safeguarding Officer, or the Vicar.  We will sensitively and carefully report your concerns to the appropriate Diocesan Officer. 

Our Safeguarding Principles

We are committed to the safeguarding, care and nurture of everyone within our community and in line with the Church of England we will:


  • Promote a safer environment and culture

  • Safely recruit and support all those with any responsibility related to children and vulnerable adults within our churches

  • Respond promptly to every safeguarding concern or allegation 

  • Care pastorally for victims/survivors of abuse and other affected persons

  • Care pastorally for those who are the subject of concerns or allegations of abuse and other affected persons

  • Respond to those that may pose a present risk to others

These policy commitments are based on five foundations:

  • Gospel

  • Human rights and the law

  • Core principles

  • Good safeguarding practice

  • Learning from the past

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