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Each week the Parish News Link is available (as a pdf) to download at the end of the 'Parish Blog' page with a variety of news, reviews, meditations and information, keeping the parish connected during lockdown. If you would like to receive this by email each Friday please contact the Parish Office

Filey Parish During Lent 2021

As well as sending out a weekly service and Bible Study on paper or email, the plan for Lent is to offer people the opportunity to come together over ZOOM to pray and to study together too. I would encourage you to try and if you need help with ZOOM there are people who will come to your aid. The aim of our studies are to reconsider our own generosity to God in the use of our ‘First Fruits’ of time, talents and gifts, prayer life and financial giving.

You can join any of the Filey Parish ZOOM meetings by clicking on this ZOOM LINK or by using :-

Meeting ID : 421 633 5851

Password : Oswald

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Every week during Lent there will be service provided for you to print off (2 pages that go back to back and then are folded in half) and to use yourself at home.  The contents of the service are linked to the weekly bible study. Click on the image of the service sheet to download it.

Prayers Through Lent

Mondays         10am   Praying for our outreach in Filey

Wednesdays   9am     Pray together 


Thursdays       9am     Pray together

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Lent Bible Study

Wednesday     2pm     using the study sent out each weekend with additional material, discussion and prayer. 

24th February   Principles to guide our giving Part 1   2 Corinthians 8: 1-15

3rd   March          Principles to guide our giving Part 2   2 Corinthians 8: 1-15

10th March         Developing our Vision Part 1 - Deepen / Grow / Serve

17th March         Developing our Vision Part 2 - Living Christ’s Story

24th March         Numbers –present situation

31st March         Responding with Generous Hearts

St. Oswald's Stained Glass

Do you clean your windows once a month, every 6months? Well, St. Oswald's stained glass windows are having a clean.  It will probably be a shock to you to know that they were last cleaned about 50yrs ago!  Nine of the twenty five stained glass windows are currently undergoing some conservation and cleaning by Barley Studios, who have been doing specialist ‘Design & Mastery in Stained Glass’ for many years.  The term ‘cleaning’ in this case is not so much a bucket of soapy water and a chamois leather, but professional cleaning using soft paint brushes, de-ionised water and a lot of time and patience.    

The "Fisherman's Window with Memorials" pictured here, is badly fractured with gaps in the glass and conservation work is needed to repair the glass, clean the traceries and paint   the support bars.  This window alone is costing just over £1000 and the full cost for the nine windows is nearly £4,500.  

As we have not been able to secure any grants toward this work, the project is being fully funded from St Oswald’s Fabric Fund and donations from the wider community, which of course are always gratefully received. (See Donate page).


When the sun shines directly at the church windows amazing patterns are often formed on the church floor and the new lighting system also adds to great effect, lighting up the impressive roof and beautiful stonework.  From outside in the dark the stained glass windows also look striking. So after this extensive professional clean the windows which are often dedicated to ‘The Glory of God’ with depicted stories from the Bible, will certainly glow with radiance.

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