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Funerals are not just a time of bereavement or sadness. We want to help you celebrate the life of a loved one. The Vicar and clergy will conduct a service with compassion and help you to plan and prepare for the funeral. Ideally we would visit you at home to help plan a funeral as well as to offer pastoral support.

Normally we liaise with your funeral director first, to set a date and time when it would be mutually convenient to hold the ceremony in church.

We may need to also link in with available timescales at either Octon (East Riding Crematorium) or Woodlands Crematorium in Scarborough.

Please note that the churchyard is closed to burials, unless there is a family grave available. 

Burial of ashes can take place but a faculty for permission is required first if remains are to be buried in a family grave.

For more details please contact The Parish Office (Contact details at the bottom of every web page).

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