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Press the pause button

Vicar’s report

It goes without saying that I am grateful to everyone involved in the life and ministry of Filey Parish. Unfortunately I didn’t actually say that! I fully appreciate the massive contribution made by so many people including Church Wardens, pastoral team and buildings teams and those involved in leading worship – Claire and the Choir, Wilma and the team at St John’s, Janice and those who have led services in St Oswald’s and Sue and Anne at St Thomas’, plus those involved putting together our new on line worship as well as those helping at occasional offices. To all of you, thank you so much! It has been the most challenging of years and I am grateful that we have pulled together as a family trying our best to look after one another and doing what we can. If I have failed you in any way, then may I apologise.

Moving on and looking forward - 2021-2023

Before we restart what we used to do, we must press the pause button and consider what we REALLY need to do next. Stopping may actually release us for something else. So I would like us to grapple with the what, why, where, when, how and who….. So for instance:

  • What patterns and styles of worship do we need?

  • What resources will help us?

  • Who will help with outreach and where shall we start?

  • What technology will aid our mission and enrich our worship?

  • How should we embrace new communication, on-line services and activities such as Bible Study, Seeker groups, connecting with families?

  • What social and community action can we and should we develop?

It was suggested recently that a survey to gauge ideas and opinions could be done. Together and prayerfully we must listen to one another and seek ways forward that honour God.


We have already started some of this work with Lesley Prince developing outreach among the 20’s to 40’s and their families. On 26th June, Huw Waring will be ordained and come to us as a part time Curate. These are exciting times. The future is bright!

Perhaps as soon as we are able we could have another day away to pray and to renew our vision, purpose and mission.

With every blessing

Revd. Nigel.

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