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September - Developing Our Mission

Updated: Sep 9

Our Vison and Values statement says that “As people of faith, our purpose is to worship and serve God both in the life of the Church and the wider community. We believe in a loving God

revealed to us through the Bible and the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ”. Furthermore it states, we recognise that “We are flawed people, but … God’s grace reaches out to everyone”.

I wonder how you interpret this statement? For me our ‘Vision’ is our ‘Mission’; “to be the family of Christ, who love and serve God, filled by the Holy Spirit, sharing God’s love in word and action”. We endeavour to do this in three ways:

  1. Deepening our faith. By developing a richness of commitment and becoming more Christ-like.

  2. Growing the Church. By reaching out to others with God's love, building fellowship and adding to our numbers those who believe.

  3. Serving the community. By having concern for the needs of others and respond in the way of Christ with compassion, kindness, humility and patience.”

I still believe that this is what we are called to be. HOW we do that however, is the challenge and is ever changing. It is in effect something that will always be ongoing, there is never a final

destination where we can say we have arrived and fulfilled everything. We fulfil the vision in the process doing the mission. It is the journey we are travelling together.

Many of our activities have been interrupted for so long but we are now emerging and beginning to look at where we are going and what we are doing. I believe we should prioritise what we do based on the central purposes of worship, discipleship and service.

Not all ‘good ideas’ are going to fit in and we need to be careful not to fill our time again with activity after activity that does not fulfil our purpose. Let’s not run ahead of ourselves.

Our Away Day is not a day to make lists of what we can do, but a day to recapture a vision for what God is calling us to be. To consider what the church might look like post-covid and develop sympathetically with the Holy Spirit. There will always be so much more to do than we have time to do it or people to do it, so let’s not beat ourselves up if we cannot fulfil everything all at once. Sometimes less is better, it gives us breathing space to grow. The day will help us prioritise and give direction.

Yes, some things are already planned this Autumn, such as Alpha course, Exploring Christian Spirituality, Bible Study groups and fellowship evenings. There are activities to reconnect with families through toddlers as well as exploring new avenues of work with the 20’s – 40’s.

I urge you as members of Filey Parish churches to come along to the Away Day if you can – details are again in this months Newsletter. Graham and Jackie Cray are excellent at helping churches grow by being critical thinkers, developing teams and helping churches to focus on the important things.

It’s going to be an excellent day!

With every blessing

Revd Nigel

Please download the Parish link for September 2021

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Please download the contemplation for September 2021

Contemplation for September 2021
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