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April - Changing Direction

I had been a priest ministering in Lincolnshire for many years before ‘retiring’ to Filey on 14th November 2013. I received my permission to officiate shortly afterwards.

My ministry here started ambitiously with Café Church every week for the first few months as well as officiating at weddings, funerals and baptisms. Not only here at our own three churches but nearby churches too because of clergy vacancies in the local area.

The work I was involved with had to be pared back when Malc became ill and his road to recovery took quite a time. Thank God he recovered and thank you all for your fervent prayers during that worrying time. My work had carried on throughout that time but in a limited capacity.

However the time has now come for me to stand down as my eyesight continues to deteriorate and ‘I’m getting on a bit’. Thank you all for welcoming me to your wonderful Filey and to let me engage with your faith and lives, it has been an absolute privilege, but change there must be.

Jesus changes our lives dramatically and the way in which ‘Church’ is experienced. Jesus is an amazing revolutionary, he has brought about more change than anyone could ever have


Since Christmas we’ve been thinking of him and the story of his birth, baptism and the main areas of his ministry, and here we are approaching Easter, the most dramatic and stimulating change in Christian history.

We think of Jesus entering Jerusalem to a huge crowd of people welcoming their Messiah. However, he’s not the king they expected. The following week we are gripped by the detailed

seriousness of all that led up to the crucifixion. A week of utter sadness and disbelief that apparently stilted all the wonderful promises. Jesus certainly faced his challenges of racial, religious, social and mental torture and abuse.

Thank God, that’s not the end of the story. There is a sudden, amazing change of direction, having been through the bewildering acceptance of Jesus’ death, Jesus is alive. He’s here ready for

action as his Holy Spirit will work through each and every one of us. He’s waiting for us to witness what he has done in our lives and tell the Good News of the Gospel all over again. Alleluia!

His amazing Grace forgives and forgets our indiscretions. He is our counsellor, enabling us to experience peace in our challenges in all aspects of our lives.

Surely, we should share these amazing gifts, given to us with love, and not keep them to ourselves.

Jesus is the Master of Change. Let’s pray for his direction in our church for growth and mission in order to declare God’s glory in our worship and our lives and service.

May the presence of God liberate you and His promises sustain you as you share your story and Jesus’ story. May his blessings surround you always.

Much love, Rev’d Wilma Horton

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