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An Ageless Gift?

From Revd. Wilma

Well it's getting pretty close to Christmas now, are you ready and prepared – excited even! Have you got all your presents bought and wrapped? I received an attractive looking, thick envelope in the post this week, brightly coloured and it had Christmas baubles on it. It said on the front, 'Gifts of love, sweet love'. Excitedly I opened it, only to find it was a special offer for anti – wrinkle cream!! Who needs that when we all to wear masks! What a disappointment.

Thank God, the gift of love He sends to us is ageless and bountiful without prejudice and free – we don't need to worry about our sagging bits!!

This gift we can truly rely upon. We read in Luke 1 26-38 that during the whole week before Jesus was born, Joseph and Mary had walked towards Jerusalem, about 10 miles each day. Before they left home they had to get ready for the journey.

They took the donkey for Mary for when she got tired, they took food for themselves and the donkey and they took money for shelter.

So they had a lot of preparation to do for Christmas too. Mary had been unprepared for the birth of Jesus but the angel had said to her, 'Do not be afraid, the Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the Most High will over shadow you. So the holy one to be born will be called the Son of God'.

That same blessed assurance is there for all of us not just for Christmas, Jesus is the priceless gift, true, forgiving and above all loving and for eternity.

So as we wait excitedly for Christmas, we remember all the people who had pinned their hopes and fears on Jesus, the Messiah. We know about God's Son who filled this outline, and soon we will celebrate his birth.

But we can bring our hopes and fears to him in prayers now. In a moment of quiet, let's bring to mind all those people and situations we would like to bring to God as we pray:- Just take a couple of minutes to think of those we know that need God's help.

Almighty God, we offer you our hopes and fears in the name of Jesus our long awaited saviour. May the joy of the Lord be your strength. May you realise that joy is not the same as happiness, it is deep, strong and persistent. Be prepared and ready to praise the name of Jesus again this year. May his blessings surround you always. Amen.

Our carol service will be at St. John's Church at 10am on Sunday 13th December. We also have a Holy Communion service at 10am on Sunday 27th December. We would love to share our Christmas services with you.

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